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Ancient Ports in the Mediterranean: An Initiative

The Union of Ancient Mediterranean Ports was created in 1995 from a network of cities with the common characteristic of having been founded during Greek antiquity. The union was enacted in 1996 with its headquarters in the ancient town of Agatha, current Aged of Southern France.

In 2002 the Union’s headquarters were moved to Larnaca, Cyprus. With the passing of time, what remained of the Union is a report in the webpage of KTE ( aim of the Union is the strengthening of the relations amongst the cities involved, in the fields of culture, education, economy, technology and the communication of citizens; more specifically that of young people. In 2008 there began a project, A Script on Mediterranean, with the participation of 13-year-old Evdokia Valli from Mitilini, who took the first European reward in the “world competition of children’s painting for the environment”; the competition was organized based on the “Program of Environment” of the United Nations – UNEP (

During that same time, on 10-13 December, a congress organized by the Network of Cities of Sea and entitled “New Scripts on Mediterranean – For an open sea in the strategy for the growth” took place in Gela, Sicily (

Today, there are many initiatives and serious networks throughout the Mediterranean. Nevertheless, the war on immigration, the environmental pollution and that of the sea, as well as the fading of the local culture are still occurring. And the question rising is why is this?

It may be that there are citizens, who love sea as well as history, such as the factors of marine tourism, yachtsmen, visitors, divers, archeologists and others, and wish to preserve clean water, local culture and history. These people, in collaboration, can stimulate the action of Ancient Mediterranean Ports and the Cities of Sea, and contribute in the salvation of the Mediterranean region.

Based on the ancient harbors and the active cities and citizens of the Mediterranean, the mapping, the recording and the prominence of the local cultural identity may begin. At the same time, the conservation of the sea and the safeguard of peace may be enhanced. The Sea, which divides and unites, is the subject and underlay of climate change. Since the Ancient Ports and Cities of the Mediterranean are the basic factors of the activities performed by the active citizens, the latter, if related and collaborating, may begin the reversion and rebirth now.